5 Famous Cats

by Pet Coupon Savings on December 31, 2013

Who would have thought a cat could be popular for simply being a cat! Some cats are famous for being grumpy while others are famous for having more money than most Americans could ever dream of having! Not to mention the hundreds of cat videos floating around YouTube that are turning cats into overnight celebrities.

5 Famous Cats

Grumpy Cat1. Grumpy Cat – Life can’t be all smiles, in fact some days are just bad days. Grumpy cat reminds us that it’s okay to be grumpy once in a while. In fact Grumpy cat is popular for being Grumpy all the time!  You can also find Grumpy cat on Facebook.

Morris the Cat2. Morris – The name Morris might not ring a bell but this cat is one of the most famous cats out there. Morris was adopted out of a shelter in Chicago and then became the face of Purina’s 9 Lives cat food. Morris even co-signed a National Animal Protection Bill with former President Nixon! Morris died in 1978 but lived a long and wonderful life.

Tommaso the Cat3. Tommaso – This cat made headlines when his owner left him an inheritance that was worth over $10 million dollars! Tommaso, was once a stray cat that wondered the streets of Rome looking for scraps of food. Now Tommaso has enough money to buy all of the cat food he could possibly dream of!

Mr. Bigglesworth4. Mr. Bigglesworth – This very famous cat is most known for his on camera appearance in Austin Powers. Mr. Bigglesworth was the cat of Dr. Evil in the 1997 hit film! Some people consider Mr. Bigglesworth ugly while others wanted to have a cat that looked just like him. None the less this furless cat became an overnight celebrity.

Mr. Purrfect5. Mr. Purrfect – If you have ever watched The Voice on NBC, then you are probably familiar with Cee Low Green’s very furry cat Mr. Purrfect. Not only was Mr. Purrfect on several episodes of The Voice, but he has a Twitter following of over 12,000 and over 23,000 fans on Facebook! That is one popular cat.

For famous YouTube cats head on over to this link and check out these awesome videos! One video has more than 18 million hits!

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