Why Does A Cat Purr?

by Pet Coupon Savings on June 26, 2013

Have you ever wondered why does a cat purr? If you have ever been around a cat, then you have probably  heard him or her purr.

There are several reasons why cats purr and the reasons might actually surprise you!

Interesting fact: Did you know that all cats throughout nature purr? Household cats have the most noticeable purr.

why does a cat purr

Why Does A Cat Purr?

Scientists believe that cats purr as a sign of communication. You have probably noticed your cat purring when you pet him or her. People usually think that their cat is purring because they are content. While this could be the case, it is most likely that your cat is trying to communicate with you.

Have you ever noticed your cat purring when they are at the Vet’s office or when they are frightened? Cats are known to purr when they are feeling distressed, once again they are using their purr as a method of communication.

There has been some research done that shows when a cat purrs it provides them with comfort. It is also thought that a cat’s purr not only comforts the animal but humans as well. Humans find comfort in the cat’s purr. The University of Minnesota Stroke Center did a study and found that people who owned cats were 40% less likely to have a heart attack. They believe that the cat’s purr might have something to do with this statistic.

If you have ever been around a mom cat and her newborn kittens, you might have noticed the kittens purring while nursing. The kittens do not have the ability to cry and nurse at the same time. However, they can purr and nurse at the same time without any problem. The mom cat will often purr back as a sign of reassurance to her kittens.

Just as a newborn baby cries to communicate with their parents, cats and kittens do the same. They do not have the ability to vocally express themselves, so purring serves as their communication.

In Summary, Why Does A Cat Purr?

  • To communicate with each other and with humans.
  • To self-soothe during moments of stress.
  • To show they are content.

Next time you hear your cat purring try to see if you can figure out what he or she is trying to communicate.

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Thank you for this post. I always wondered why my Hannah purred..


Lily Kwan September 12, 2013 at 12:27 AM

Very interesting article! I enjoy hearing cats purr. =)


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Thanks for stopping by Lily! I enjoy it too. I find it relaxing. :)


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