Meet My Pet: Seymour the Bunny and Bodhi the Dog

by Pet Coupon Savings on September 2, 2013

We want to feature your lovely pets here on the site. Your pet is unique and perfect just for you and we would love to share their awesomeness with everyone. A nice perk to bragging about your pets with a Meet My Pet entry is that you’ll be entered into a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway every month!

In today’s post we are featuring Seymour the lop bunny and Bodhi the dog who is a lab and rottweiler mix. Read on to learn more about these wonderful pets.

Meet My Pet: Seymour

Meet My Pet-Seymour

Meet My Pet: Bodhi

Meet My Pet-Bodhi

Proud Guardian: Jennifer O.

About: “Introducing Bodhi and Seymour. Bodhi is a 5 year old black lab/rotweiler mix. Seymour is a 6 month old lop bunny.”

How We Met: “Bodhi was left in a box labeled “free” outside of a grocery store during the winter as a a very young puppy. A couple that I’m friends with in their early 20’s brought him home with good intentions but couldn’t afford to take care of him. When I met him I adopted him(2 weeks later) knowing I’d be able to take great care of him and I fell in love with him!

Seymour was abandoned in downtown Montreal. He was spotted by a relative of mine. She noticed a bunny had recently been living in the back ally way behind her house. We were able to catch him after hours of trying. He was obviously a domestic bunny by his looks but he was muddy, severely underweight, covered in cuts and had severely swollen eyes. I brought him to the vet and nursed him back to health. We aren’t sure what Seymour’s life story is but the vet can tell he is just a baby and by his injuries he had been on his own outside for at least a few months. We believe he was abandoned by his original owner. He is officially the newest addition to my family!”

My Pet’s Favorite Food: “Bodhi loves EVO dog food. He has severe allergies so he is limited to what kind of treats he can eat. His favorite things to eat are salmon and sweet potato! (See also: 25 Homemade Dog Treats)

Seymour’s favorites are hay, red lettuce, carrots, bananas, raspberries, and dill. (See also: What do rabbits eat?)”

My Pet’s Favorite Toys: “Bodhi loves anything that squeaks!

Seymour likes timothy hay “carrots” and loves anything he can chew on!”

What is Unique, Quirky or Funny About My Pet: “Bodhi never barks, he only barks in his sleep! He is a gentle giant and loves to snuggle with Seymour the bunny!

Seymour has quite a personality for a bunny. He is cage free and litter box trained.”

Seymour and Bodhi are the sweetest two peas in a pod. We can’t wait to post more Meet My Pet articles here on Pet Coupon Savings!

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