Diabetic Cat Food

by Pet Coupon Savings on January 10, 2014

It might be surprising to hear that cats can be diagnosed with diabetes. Cats that are older and overweight are more prone to diabetes than younger, healthier cats. If your cat has diabetes you will have to closely watch his diet and switch to a Diabetic Cat Food. Some cats will require insulin shots and other cats can have their diabetes managed by watching their diet.

Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic Cat Food

Thankfully, you can treat a cat with diabetes. However, you need to pay close attention to your  cat’s diet. As the pet owner you will need to ensure that your cat is getting his medication daily, his overall health is good and of course that he is on the proper diet. When you first find out your cat has diabetes, you will want to make a list of any questions you have. Your vet should be able to answer your questions and help you manage your cat’s diabetes.

One of the first things your vet will probably have you do is switch to wet food. Wet food typically has less carbohydrates than dry food and a higher level of protein. A cat with diabetes needs the higher amounts of protein. Some vets will prescribed you specific foods, which can get expensive and other vets will give you a list of suggestions.  Besides watching your cat’s diet you will also need to monitor his blood sugar levels. Monitoring a cat’s blood sugar level is very simple once you have had some practice. Your veterinarian will teach you how to monitor your cats blood sugar and how to give insulin injections, should your cat need one.

Brands of Diabetic Cat Food

Most of these foods are prescription foods and can become very costly. If you can not afford the higher priced prescription food, ask your vet for a list of similar over the counter foods. Keep in mind that not all cat foods are made alike, so be sure to get a list of suggestions from your vet. Most vets will be more than happy to give you some lower priced options. The biggest setback for cats with diabetes is not being on a proper diet.

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