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Pet Supplies on a Budget

by Pet Coupon Savings on October 11, 2015

Owning a pet can be very expensive! There are several costs that come along with being a pet owner. As pet owners we all want the very best for our animals. However, sometimes we just can’t financially afford all of the high-cost items. When looking for pet supplies on a budget you will want to try to get the best value for your money. Before you run out to the pet store, take a look at this list. You will probably find some cheaper options than purchasing your pet supplies at a pet store.

Pet Supplies

5 Ways to Find Pet Supplies on a Budget:

1. Freecycle – If you haven’t heard of Freecycle, now is the time to familiarize yourself with this awesome site. Just about every community has a an active Freecycle group. You will post what you are looking for or what you have to giveaway. Everything on Freecycle is 100% free and no money is to ever exchange hands. You can score free pet supplies, pet food, a dog house and much more just by asking. You might be surprised to see what people giveaway for free.

2. Animal Shelters – Most animal shelters have a variety of pet supplies you can purchase. The prices of these supplies is often times comparable to pet store prices. In order to draw more people in, shelters will often offer sales and other promotions. Visit your local animal shelter to see what they might have to offer. The benefit of purchasing supplies at an animal shelter is you are buying what your pet needs and helping out an animal in need.

3. Dollar Stores – I would not suggest buying pet food from the dollar store but supplies is perfectly fine. You can pick up balls, food bowels, leashes and other pet supplies at your local Dollar Store.

4. Second Hand Stores – You can find a variety of pet supplies at second-hand stores. Sure, it might take a little time to find what you are looking for but you can save a lot of money! Some of the most common things you will find for pets at second-hand stores are dog houses, scratching posts, crates, aquariums and toys. Before you run out and pay full-price don’t forget to take a look at your local thrift shop.

5. Warehouse Stores – Places like Costco and Sam’s Club have a large selection of pet supplies. Most of the items are discounted since you are buying in bulk. Pet food, bones, treats, soap and potty pads are just some of the items you can purchase at a warehouse store. Most warehouse stores also have pet bedding, shelter and toys available at a discounted rate.

Do you have any personal tips about how to find Pet Supplies on a Budget? Please share in the comments below.


Discount Pet Supplies

by Pet Coupon Savings on November 6, 2013

Discount pet supplies are becoming more readily available, you just have to know where to look. Owning a pet can be extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! You need to factor in food, medical costs and other pet supplies. Purchasing pet supplies can quickly add up and break your budget if you’re not careful. Thankfully, there is discount pet supply companies that offer the supplies you need at a great price. Purchasing your pet supplies from a discount pet supply company is a great way to get your pet the supplies he or she needs at a discounted rate.

Discount Pet Supplies

Where to Find Discount Pet Supplies

Amazon – Purchasing pet supplies from Amazon is a great way to find exactly what you are looking for at a discounted rate. The best part about Amazon is the extremely large selection they have. You are almost guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for on Amazon.

DoggyLoot – If you haven’t shopped at DoggyLoot then you could be missing out on some awesome deals. Did you know that you can find pet supplies up to 75% off at Doggy Loot! You can find high-quality products that your pet will love.

Coupaw – Coupaw gives allows you to search through tons of coupons specifically for pet supplies. The coupons are always changing so make sure to check back frequently. You can find coupons and discount codes for treats, food, bedding, toys, pet care and much more!

13 Deals – The website 13 Deals, is like the Amazon for pet supplies! You can find just about anything pet related and at a discounted rate at 13 Deals. The next time you need some supplies for your pet, make sure to check out 13 Deals.

That Daily Deal– This website offers deep discounted pet supplies on a daily basis. They list a new product everyday that is at a deeply discounted rate and they have a special section just for pet daily deals.

Dollar Store – You can often find pet supplies at your local dollar store. The Dollar Store normally has toys, leashes, snacks, shampoo, bedding and much more! The pet supplies at the dollar store often change, which gives you the chance to try out new products.

Clearance Racks – Stores like Walmart, Target, PETCO and PetSmart usually have a clearance racks that are full of great items. Anytime you are in one of these stores you should check out the clearance racks for pet supplies. There are times when you can find pet supply items for up to 75% off the regular price.

Where do you find your Discount Pet Supplies?

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