DIY Dog Bed with Vintage Suitcase

by Pet Coupon Savings on June 15, 2014

If you want to give your dog a bed with a little more style than just a basic pillow they offer at the pet store -why not scour the thrift store for a pretty vintage suitcase in a color that compliments your home? You can make a stylish DIY Dog Bed with Vintage Suitcase. found this large suitcase with a smaller matching one inside for only $4.50! The larger one perfectly fit a standard feather bed pillow and even has a pocket for storing my dog’s toys. I wanted a cute spot for the dogs to curl up that complimented the colors and style of the house.

I didn’t even have to sew, I cheated a little bit and used the iron on Heat and Bond. If you are an expert seamstress then sew away! I am not, and I wanted this project to be pretty easy, it is also washable on the delicate cycle so it worked out perfect for me. Including my pillow the entire thing only cost me about $17.00 and I could never have picked up anything as cute for less than $20.00 at the store.

DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog Bed Supplies Needed:

  • Vintage Suitcase
  • Pillow or Foam cut to fit suitcase
  • 1 yard of fabric, I chose a sturdy, washable duck fabric
  • Iron on adhesive stitching tape
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

DIY Dog Bed with Vintage Suitcase

Find a vintage suitcase you love. (Try searching at Goodwill, yard sales, Craigslist or even ask some family members who might have one sitting in their garage or attic.)

Measure the inside, mine happened to fit a standard bed pillow perfectly, if yours does not you can have a piece of foam cut at most craft stores to fit your measurements.

I wanted my cushion cover to removable and washable, so I made it like a pillowcase, for my thick feather pillow I used one yard of fabric, measure yours to fit your pillow/foam cushion, allow 1 1/2”- 2” for the seam. Wash fabric first to soften, remove and chemicals from shipping, and to prepare it for the bonding tape.

To create a washable slip cover for your cushion-
The first step is to create a nice seam for the open end of your case, place a piece of heat bond tape the entire length of the end that will be your opening about 1/4” from the edge, on the “wrong” side. Fold the fabric over the tape and run your hot iron slowly over the edge to activate the heat bond-follow package directions to create a secure seam.

Fold fabric in half so that right side is facing right side (It will be inside out) cut a piece of your adhesive tape the length of the bottom-opposite where your opening will be. Open the edge and place tape from one end to the other 1/4” from the edge of fabric. Make sure that your edges are lined up well, iron with a hot iron following package directions on your heat tape again.

Repeat with next side until three of you four sides are closed.

Turn fabric right side out, and stuff pillow,cushion, or foam inside.

Place inside suitcase and tuck excess fabric from open end underneath.

Toss in a few familiar toys and maybe a soft blanket to make it welcoming.

I used the feather pillow off my bed so it carried my scent, and purchased a new one for me.

We hope that your dog enjoys their new comfy and stylish DIY Dog Bed!

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