Meet My Pet: Laci the Rescued Husky

by Pet Coupon Savings on August 27, 2013

We want to feature your lovely pets here on the site. Your pet is unique and perfect just for you and we would love to share their awesomeness with everyone. A nice perk to bragging about your pets with a “Meet My Pet” entry is that you’ll be entered into a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway every month!

Meet Laci, an adorable Husky that Teisha C is the proud guardian of. Laci was also the winner from our first giveaway here on Pet Coupon Savings and can be seen below sleeping with a squeaky alligator which was one of the many prizes that she won. Read on to learn more about Laci.

Meet My Pet: Laci

Meet My Pet-Laci

Proud Guardian: Teisha C.

About: “Laci is a 2 yr old Husky (Also a rescue dog).”

How We Met: “We met one morning at Leashes and Leads a Pet store in Rochester, MN. She was being fostered by a very nice lady who fed feral cats. She had a very energetic foster brother who liked to play a lot more than she did. She would barely acknowledge that we were there. Which I totally understand, She is a perfect mix between a cat and a dog. She’s independent and needs her space but she will also go for runs or play fetch (When she wants to).”

My Pet’s Favorite Food: “She is not a food dog. She will eat hot dogs and Freshpet food with vigor. But anything else, even bacon treats, she is not interested in.”

My Pet’s Favorite Toys: “Her favorite toys are a tennis ball, a rope toy and a small fluffy bird.”

What is Unique, Quirky or Funny About My Pet: “She follows me around all day. If i go downstairs to the bathroom she will follow me. If I go on the couch she’ll be at my feet. If I’m on the computer she lays behind my chair.”

How sweet is Laci?! We can’t wait to post more “Meet My Pet” articles here on Pet Coupon Savings!

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Nadine L August 29, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Love rescues (and rescuers) what a sweet girl Laci is. I would not call her follwing a quirk, that’s called devotion and love, she knows she is a lucky girl


Samantha Cuhel August 29, 2013 at 1:09 PM

Laci looks beautiful! It was a surprise to see another dog from MN on here. It’s a small world!


Claudia B. September 2, 2013 at 9:33 AM

She’s so adorable! I find the hot-dog preference surprising though :) I’m glad that she’s found a great home~


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