DIY Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

by Pet Coupon Savings on August 3, 2014

You can make cute and unique items for your dog without breaking the bank, while I love the variety of boutique dog items available out there I do not love the price tag. I enjoy making handmade items to house my pups various treats, clothes, gear, and food- especially if I can do it for free. I took an empty oatmeal container, a couple of nuts borrowed from my husbands man cave, and a can of spray paint I already had on hand and made this fun Fire Hydrant Treat Jar. You could also use it to house a leash and doggie doo bags for walks.

DIY Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar Supplies Needed:

  • Empty oatmeal jar
  • Spray paint
  • 3-5 nuts
  • Sharpie
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Painters tape

Easy DIY Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar Directions:

Remove label from oatmeal canister.

Place canister, lid, and nuts outside on newspaper.

Spray with a light coat of paint, allow to dry.

Spray with 1-2 additional coats to cover well, dry overnight.

Paint will scratch off your plastic lid, in order to make it more durable-spray with a clear coat first, spray red, then top with 1 or 2 more clear coats.

Use painters tape to mark off lines horizontally and vertically to create more detail on your fire hydrant, trace lines with a black sharpie.

Hot glue a nut on top of the lid, and 2-4 around the sides, this really makes it look like a realistic hydrant.

Fill with dog treats or food for a cute storage container.

Let us know if you make this super cute Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar too!

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